This is a new art series called “The Wasi Characters” representing so many WASI identities out there and maybe you can see yourself or relate to any of these WASI characters! They all have their stories. These are all original art pieces created by the WASI founder. These are all digitally illustrated designs and printed locally in Los Angeles. Glexie’s backstory: Glexie owns a lot of wigs and no one knows what her real hair color is! Is it pink? Who knows! Her favorite movie was Grease until she grew up and realized how problematic it is. She loves all things vintage. Is the best cook in the world and hosts dinner parties all the time. She’s a cancer, so she loves to be the nurturing mama of the group, making sure everyone has been fed. Her beauty routine is her hair and nothing else! Glexie has a soft presence about her but can kick anyone’s ass when she needs to. Details: 8 X 10(ish) Printed on a thick and sturdy cardstock with a matte finish Poster is full color with a 1/8″ white border

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