This is a new art series called "The Wasi Characters" representing so many WASI identities out there and maybe you can see yourself or relate to any of these WASI characters! They all have their stories. These are all original art pieces created by the WASI founder. These are all digitally illustrated designs and printed locally in Los Angeles.

Emkee's backstory:

Oh Emkee, she's the friend we all love. At the drop of a hat, she will come listen to you vent about your 1,050,693 fight you've had with your partner. She lives a simple life. Her plants are her pets. The only wild thing she's done recently is dye her hair blue which she learned to do through a youtube video. She's an earth sign and is currently looking for her soulmate abroad.


8 X 10(ish)

Printed on a thick and sturdy cardstock with a matte finish

Poster is full color with a 1/8" white border

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