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Electric Earl is our favorite version or everyone’s (first) favorite tea. Electric earl is black tea with bergamot oil, orange peel, blue cornflowers, and vanilla flavoring. The vanilla enhances the flavor profile to give our tea a creamy mouthfeel and thick texture.


Floral and sweet. This silver hair green the is scented with fragrant jasmine blossoms to give you a multi sensory experience in the cup.


Jasmine Tea is so popular, but so few people ever really experience a tea blend with jasmine blossoms as a base. These flowers are subtly sweet and compliment many other herbs. Think of an explosion of flowers – that’s what we did here.

Ingredients: jasmine blossoms, chamomile flowers, rose petals, calendula, lavender, lemon verbena, and blue cornflowers.

Church Shoes

The perfect mid – day pick me up, or after dinner drink. The sweet lemongrass has an awakening effect, while the nuanced fennel aids digestion in a mild, yet enjoyable way. If you are entertaining this tea is sure to “wow” your guest with the amazing blue hue created by butterfly pea flowers.

ingredients: lemongrass, butterfly pea flowers, fennel, orange peel, rose, & calendula

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Wallflower Tea – Various – Electric Earl, Wallflower Tea – Various – Jasmine, Wallflower Tea – Various – Church Shoes, Wallflower Tea – Various – Confetti

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