Teema Towels – The Ice Waffle


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The Waffle towel is one of our simplest yet most luxurious towels. The Waffle towel uses a modern, 3-dimensional waffle weave, often only found in spas and resorts. While creating a soft feel and pleasing aesthetic, the waffle weave also exposes more threads to the air, meaning these towels dry incredibly fast. All of our towels dry very fast, but the Waffle is one of the fastest. All Waffle towels go through a stone washing process, which is what gives them their rustic, faded look and also increases their strength and softness. Like all of our Teemas, the Waffle becomes softer with each wash, so by going through our stone washing process prior to shipment, the Waffle arrives in an extra cozy condition. Size: 36in x 66in Weight: 14oz Material: 100% Turkish Cotton

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