Sonoran Rosie – Creosote Bush (chaparral) Shower Hanging Bundle


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Experience the desert rain scent during every shower! Just tie this handmade bundle in your bathroom and the moisture from your shower’s steam will activate the oils in the creosote (chaparral) leaves. It will release the smell of a monsoon, again and again. This is a natural product and will eventually wear out, but not before many weeks of enjoyment.

This bundle is large: 9-11 inches long and anywhere between 2-4 inches diameter. Each piece is sustainably hand foraged from the Sonoran Desert and every bundle is individually assembled and tied – making each bundle unique, so please allow for variance.

You may also burn this bundle for energy cleansing. Its spiritual properties are said to rid any negativity within a space or room, replacing the energy with an essence of calm.

Creosote is one of the oldest living organisms on the planet – which explains its ancient, protective properties.

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