Rustic Glory Soap – Orange & Bergamot


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Oh sweet Sweet Orange & Bergamot, where have you been all my life? In my rational mind, I know you’re a “soap”, but I feel wrong for referring to you as such. You’re a dear friend who came into my life when I needed you most and for that I am grateful. While that may seem a bit extreme to those who have not had the pleasure of meeting/bathing with you, my gushing isn’t an exaggeration. I like many I presume who are careful about the products they use and cherish their skin, found myself low-key distraught when my previous soap began to run low. I knew I’d have to wait for an order that would be delayed due to the pandemic and have to resort to something store-bought that would likely result in an unfavorable condition. Luckily someone loved me and when I received this lifeline in a pretty package, my sorrows were no more. I could rave about the divine smell that captures your senses without being empowering or praise the curing agents that has cleared a stubborn scar that wouldn’t respond to other efforts. Yet, the fact that my skin, body and senses loved/welcomed this heaven-sent miracle in a bar is why I’ll be a customer for life. If I could rate this a 100 stars it still wouldn’t do Sweet Orange & Bergamot any justice.

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