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Made from just two ingredients: organic, farm-grown Kava and non-gmo spirits, our Kava-Kava tincture is a classic “simple”—a preparation of a single medicinal plant. Simples are perfect for those who need the powers of one herbal ally to meet a specific need. Native to Polynesia, Kava-Kava is a remedy for those seeking relief from anxiety and pain. The word “kava” means “bitter” in Tongan; Kava is referred to as Awa in Hawai’i. The presence of kavalactones in the root of Piper methysticum support muscle-relaxation and a feeling of gentle euphoria. Kavalactones modulate GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps to reduce excitability in the brain. INGREDIENTS High proof non-GMO spirits, Kava* (Piper methysticum) root and water * Organic Black-owned, small-batch, local, foraged and organic herbal remedies handmade in Lenapehoking/NYC.

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