Nordtrice – Mini scented soy candles, Lime & Brown Sugar


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OUR BESTSELLER! Imagine a scented candle that smells like a lemon pie or mojito cocktail. Sour lime and sweet brown sugar are the notes that are behind this amazing candle. Smells sweet, but not to sweet, exactly like a fresh lemon pie taken out from the oven. Perfect for the upcoming summer days! Candle is made of soy wax and scented with French highest quality candle perfume oil. Weight of one piece is 30 g and burning time up to from 5 up to 7 hours. Perfect for home, gift or as an additional item for a gift box. Bestseller for the upcoming summer! Even though candles are quite small, the scent is intensive and brings the same amount of aromats to the room as a big candle. Amazing also if you want to try, test and play with different types of scents, because we have 24 of them!

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