Monday Moose – Guayabo Spice Mills (2-Pack, Shaker & Grinder) – Acacia


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* SPICE SET: This set includes (1) salt shaker with five holes at the top for easy sprinkling + (1) pepper mill featuring a twist mechanism for easy grinding and release * SPECIFICATIONS: Material 100% acacia wood, capacity: 1oz each (30ml), size: H6 x D2.2 inches (H15 x D5.5 cm), mechanism: stainless steel & ceramic rotor. Salt and Pepper are NOT included * HOW TO USE: Easily fill the salt shaker with ground salt by opening the bottom plastic lid. As for the pepper grinder, lift off the round wooden lid, pour in any spice of your choice, adjust the grinder at the bottom of the mill (turn clockwise for fine and counter-clockwise for coarse), and rotate the round lid to grind and enjoy! * IMPORTANT: Hole size is appropriate for Kosher salt or flake salt. For American table salt, add some grains of uncooked rice to allow less salt to pass when you use the shaker.

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