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The moment these candles were born it was love at first sight ~ life should be fun & so should your candles. The vegetable of summer is now your fav candle & party favour. Shout out to our fav veggie chef + content creator ~ Light up your damn veggies ( @thedirtyraven) Just make sure friends + family don’t mistake for a real piece of Corn pls.


MMANN Candles is 100% woc owned + are made with soul. They’re just these perfect little candles that reflect back out humanness in a beautiful, authentic way. Every candle is made by hand with love & authenticity. They repersent & extend into something bigger! They represent each of us in our perfectly imperfect humanness. Sometimes they develop a little frost, sometimes the colour is a little bit more unique than others, but the truth is, they’re honest. Designed to make you + your space feel good.

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