Earthy Corazon – Honey & Roses Altar Candle


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Everyday deserves to be a celebration of love.

Love has many forms and embodiments and love that isn't romantic, is also worth celebrating and prioritizing. This candle invites good love to enter your life. Whether that is through self-love, friendships, queer love, familial love, romantic love. Whatever your bonds look like may they be filled with healing and wholeness. Artwork and tender collab with Bien Trankis ✿

✿ SCENT: Honey and Roses. To attract sweetness and softness.

✿ Filled with 14 oz. of 100% natural beeswax

Cada día merece ser una celebración del amor.

El amor tiene muchas formas y encarnaciones, y el que no es romántico, también se merece celebrar y priorizar.

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