Courtney & The Babes Nectar (SALE)


A true multitasking face savior. Let’s just say it’s better than botox.

Ideal for all skin types and ph balanced. It’s super light and absorbs quickly. Hydrating without clogging poors. It’s molecular structure is similar to our skin’s natural oil (sebum). Rosehip oil can help regulate our own skin’s oil production and great for rebalancing oily skin. Plus it’s gentle for those with sensitive skin.

Additional benefits:

Improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks as well as dark spots.

Vitamin C and lycopene found is rosehip seed oil combat fine lines and wrinkles. Making it a much safer solution than Botox. Rosehip oil can naturally repair the skin’s surface, restore elasticity and protects against sun and pollution stressors that lead to wrinkles.

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Hydrating face + body oil. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, Rosehip oil targets hyper-pigmentation, scarring, dehydrated skin, sun damage, stretch marks and sun damage.

HOW : Use for both your AM and PM skincare regimen by massaging the oil into the skin after cleansing/bathing.

INGREDIENTS : Rosehip oil.

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