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Sandalwood has a welcoming, soft wood scent that does not hit your nose too strongly. It will make you feel relaxed and meditative and you’ll notice the warmth and sweetness of the scent over time. The Botanical Scented Collection is an exclusive line of greeting cards released by the stationery brand, Clap Clap. The collection contains specially created fragrance chips that are dipped in fragrance oils, dried to perfection, then sealed and packaged with every card. Send a scent along with your message, and we assure it will be a memorable one. NOTE THE SCENT COMES FROM THE FRAGRANCE CHIP, NOT THE CARD ITSELF. THIS IS IN ORDER TO PRESERVE THE FRAGRANCE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. **PLEASE NOTE THAT EITHER STRIPED OR PLAIN ENVELOPES CAN BE SHIPPED RANDOMLY WITHIN THE SAME SHIPMENT. CAUTION KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES. DO NOT SWALLOW. FRAGRANCE WILL LESSEN AFTER OPENING. OPEN SEALED FRAGRANCE CHIP JUST BEFORE SENDING FOR MAXIMUM USE. Clap Clap is a LA based stationery brand created by illustrator Mimi Kim. Mimi originally studied graphic design in Korea and worked at an advertising firm when she started a personal project: a cooking-themed calendar to give to her family and friends. The success of the calendar inspired Mimi to pursue her illustration work full time and in 2013, Clap Clap was born in the pursuit to send out good vibes and cheers to friends and loved ones like a rousing applause delivered to their mailbox.

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