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New Mexico Sagebrush is a local southwestern alternative to Palo Santo and White Sage. It can physically and energetically cleanse a space.

Our hydrosol is wild harvested and distilled in Tres Piedras, NM by our friend Karen. Karen harvests sagebrush from her property in the Mesa and distills them in her off grid home. It is beyond organic, as it was harvested from a property where it grows abundantly without the use of any farming practices.

These are some ways that New Mexico Sage Brush has been used in medicinally and by indigenous communities: Relieve aching, treat wounds, treat headaches, rid pain in various parts of the body, as a natural deodorant, to clean a space, to reduce athletes foot. We recommend using in small quantities, either by spraying into a room or into objects. Do not ingest.

Ingredients: New Mexican Sagebrush Hydrosol.

Packaging: Glass bottle, reusable sprayer, compostable label.

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