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Handcrafted in house by Bhava Wellness PATCHOULI SUN Our all natural Patchouli Sun incense are grounding + calming + and have a wonderful earthy aroma. COSMIC ROSE Hand rolled and created with devotional love and cosmic intention. Rose + Rosewood + Amber Heart chakra balancing. VRINDAVAN FLOWER – SANDALWOOD This herbal combination and intoxicating aroma is especially dear to our hearts, as this lovely scent comes from a holy city in India known to be steeped in love & devotion. + Sandalwood + Desert Marigold + Rose + Parijat LAVENDER MOON Wonderful for winding down, releasing stress and unwanted emotional energy. Perfect for activating our Crown Chakra and higher states of consciousness. Lavender Moon is our go to Meditation + Yoga Nidra + Breathwork + home Ritual tool. + Desert Lavender + Vetiver 18 all natural organic incense sticks

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Patchouli Sun, Vrindavan Sandalwood, Lavender Moon, Cosmic Rose, Frankincense & Copal

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